Placenta and Belly Binding Services


Placenta Services

Placenta Encapsulation in Ellicott City

Our in-home encapsulation also allows for an opportunity to speak with a trained postpartum professional. Whether you have questions about newborn care, breast or bottle feeding, babywearing or postpartum recovery, your Postpartum Placenta Specialist can provide resources and guidance. Be sure to check out our Placenta FAQ's blog for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. 

Placenta Encapsulation services are available for $275. Additionally, items such as prints, cord keepsakes and tinctures may also be available upon request. 

Our Placenta Specialists are available to serve families in Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Howard and Montgomery Counties in Maryland as well as Adams and York Counties in Pennsylvania. 

Our Postpartum Placenta Specialists are trained through  ProDoula and maintain certification in handling blood-borne pathogens. Your placenta is encapsulated in the comfort and convenience of your home, allowing you to have a much (or little) to do with the process as you choose. You will never be left to question the methods, or worse yet, wonder whether the placenta you are consuming is in fact your own.


Placenta Encapsulation Frederick, MD

The standards by which all our encapsulators abide, ensure proper handling, storage, sanitation and food safety preparation. For more information about the benefits of encapsulation or to schedule a complimentary consultation with your Placenta Specialist, please contact us.

Belly binding

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DCMD's method of belly binding is inspired by the Malaysian or Bengkung style; a traditional method which utilizes long, narrow strips of cloth to wrap the hips, torso and rib cage. Binding can help to improve posture and stabilize ligaments stretched and strained throughout pregnancy, which may reduce back and hip discomfort. Additionally, binding may lessen postpartum recovery time and help pull together the muscles of the abdomen, separated by pregnancy. 

Your doula or Placenta Specialist will discuss the history of binding, demonstrate the pattern of wrapping and twisting the fabric and show one family member or friend how to duplicate the bind for continued support. One plain cloth bind is included in the session price, though we are happy to use another comparable cloth bind you have purchased if you'd prefer. Belly binding is available as an add-on service to any of our labor, postpartum or placenta services for $75.