Newborn and Postpartum Care 

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Baby's Name
In ideal circumstances, how would you like to welcome your baby? (i.e. who will 'catch' the baby, your voices first, immediate skin to skin, who will announce the sex/name, etc).
Are there any specific provisions you would/would not like for your baby? (i.e. bathing, cloth diapering, Hep B vaccination, vitamin K injection, Erythromycin eye ointment, etc)
Are you planning to breastfeed, formula feed or a combination? Would you like resources on your options?
Are there any concerns regarding your baby?
If birthing outside of the home, please select the statement that best applies.
Are you planning to use an infant seat (which detaches from the base to transport) or a convertible car seat? Have you purchased a car seat for your baby? If so, which seat? Would you like additional resources on car seat safety?
What is your plan for your postpartum recovery? Who will be present to help care for you and the baby?