Labor Support Contract


I, the birthing person, have reviewed my wishes and plans for the birth of my child, with the Doulas of Central Maryland (the doula).  After this discussion and review, the parties agree as follows:

  1. Doulas of Central Maryland will provide one in home visit (up to three hours in duration) prior to the birth at which the parties shall discuss the birthing person’s birth preferences and birth plan. 

  2. The doula works for the birthing person.

  3. The doula will support the decisions of the birthing person within the limits of the doula's expertise and with regard to the confines of the chosen birthing location.

  4. The doula will articulate and explain all available options and birth plan choices during the birth plan session.

  5. The doula will remain with the birthing person once active labor has begun or earlier as requested.

  6. The doula will not perform any medical procedures or make decisions regarding medical care for the birthing person and/or baby.

  7. The doula(s) will be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the 36th week of pregnancy until the birth. The doula will notify the client in the event that the doula is required to be out of the immediate service area (more than two hours). 

  8. The doula will attend the birth as requested by the birthing person. If the doula can not attend, then the prearranged back up doula will attend. 

  9. The doula will remain with the birthing person until at least one hour after the birth of the baby.

  10. The doula will provide a follow up postpartum visit in the family’s home within 10 days after the birth of the baby.  At this meeting, the doula will answer any questions and address any concerns regarding the birth and care of the newborn.  Additional postpartum services can be arranged through Doulas of Central Maryland.

  11. The client agrees to contact the doula at the onset of labor.  The birthing person will advise on when and where the doula should report. The doula will report within two hours of that request.

  12. In the unlikely event that the doula misses the birth due to circumstances beyond her control (precipitous birth, extreme weather conditions, natural disaster, etc), the doula will make every effort to secure alternate support.

  13. The fee for labor support is $900.  This payment amount includes one prenatal visit, one postpartum follow up, unlimited phone/email support throughout pregnancy as well as in person labor support at your chosen birthing location. In order to guarantee your service date, a retainer of $450 is due at contract signing. The balance to be paid in full by first day of the 36th week of pregnancy.

  14. If applicable, the client is also responsible to pay for parking during the time at the hospital.  These fees will be billed after the delivery and payment is expected within 14 days of delivery date.

  15. At the signing of this contract, it is assumed that none of us can anticipate the type of labor and/or birth that is to be experienced. As a business, we can only contract with a small number of clients in any particular time frame for fear of missing someones birth or not meeting their needs. For this reason, our services are non-refundable

  16. Should the birthing person or partner fail to notify the doula at least two hours prior to the requested report time, and the doula misses the birth a result, the full fee will be retained by Doulas of Central Maryland.

  17. The full fee of $900 may be refunded if the doula, by her own fault, misses the birth of the child as a result of reporting to the birth more than two hours after the mother’s request. 

  18. A one time $25 travel fee will be assessed for individuals residing OR birthing outside of Carroll County, MD.

We, the undersigned, have read this Labor Support Contract.  We accept and agree to the terms and conditions.

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