Target Carseat Trade-In

Carseat Tech in Columbia, MD

With the looming closure of Babies' R Us, lots of families are looking for a new go-to location to purchase their next carseat. Of course, Buy Buy Baby is still available, but our nearest location is in Rockville, followed by Christiana, DE. Online retailers like Amazon and continue to be popular choices, but it can be difficult to commit to a carseat without being able to look at the LATCH clips or test the harness buckle to be sure your toddler-houdini can't open it. 

So, where do we go when we want to see the seats and know we're getting a great price? 

The same place we, as mothers, tend to go for everything else in our lives, from dish detergent to diapers to that darn Dollar Spot that is never really a dollar!

Target, Westminster, MD

Target, Westminster, MD


Yup, the good ol' "Red Ball Store" as my daughters affectionately call it, is a great place to purchase a car seat! There are plenty of demonstration seats in store, so you can check out how the one hand harness adjustments (because let's be honest, no one likes a re-thread harness) and check out the fabric and material of the cover to make sure it's durable. 

And starting Sunday April 22 through Saturday May 5, Target is running their Trade-In Event. That means they are offering 20% off the purchase of a new seat when you trade in an unused car seat to be recycled. 

Have a Red Card too? That's an additional 5% off all the time. Plus the coupon can be used through May 19 and includes in store as well as online car seat purchases, just incase you don't see the exact seat you're looking for in store! 

Not sure what seat is the best option for your little one? Contact us to chat with our certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (Debbie) to discuss your options and help you to install and use your seat correctly every time.