Fall is a mom’s best friend

The summer tourist season is over! 

Enjoying a quiet day at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Enjoying a quiet day at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

School is back in session so fall is the perfect time to take a trip to one of the many destinations our area has to offer. My family and I recently went to the Baltimore Zoo (where we are members) and had basically every exhibit to ourselves. The only screaming children I had to endure were my own! 


The weather is perfect! 

We are fortunate to experience all four seasons here in central Maryland- snow, allergies, sauna and AUTUMN. Obviously my bias is showing here, but who doesn’t love a 65 degree day with low humidity? 


Perpetual good hair days! 

I am ‘fortunate enough’ (so I’m told) to have naturally wavy/curly hair, which means I rock the ‘messy mom bun’ far more than I’d like to acknowledge all summer. Combine ideal weather with the luscious locks that pregnancy brings and you look like a Vidal Sassoon model straight out of bed. 


Busting out your favorite jeans and comfy sweaters

(or yoga pants and hoodies)

Gone are the days of the tanktop and sundress, and with it, the concern over when, exactly, was the last time you shaved your legs (since who has time for that every day with a baby?!?!). 


Pumpkin picking at Baugher's Farm, Westminster, MD

Pumpkin picking at Baugher's Farm, Westminster, MD

Harvest festivals, apple picking and pumpkin patches abound!

The fall brings plenty of affordable, exciting activities that are fun for the whole family; a hay ride, bonfire, corn maze or strolling through an orchard in search of the perfect apple tree. There is something about digging the guts out of a pumpkin and carving the perfect jack-o-lantern that brings out the kid in everyone! 


Babywearing without sweating!

Perhaps our favorite fall accessory this year is a snuggly new baby! Whether you opt for a structured carrier like the Ergo or Tula, a cozy broken in wrap or a simple ring sling, wearing a baby in the fall is like having your own personal heater on a crisp day. Plus the extra layers on baby combined with your body heat are perfect for keeping their temperature regulated. 


Enjoy your fall! See you at the pumpkin patch!