Do I Have to Be "That Mom" to Hire a Doula?


Since the doula industry is still developing in a lot of ways, there are many misconceptions floating around as to what we actually do. In fact, in many households the term “doula” isn't even known! One of the most common misconceptions we hear as doulas is that you have to be a “certain type” of mom in order to benefit from a doula.

You know the type...the giving birth out in the woods with the owls type. (Not that there's anything wrong with that. #nonjudgmentalsupport)

We're here to tell you that no matter which mom you are, you will absolutely love and benefit from our compassionate, knowledgeable, and unbiased support. Are you one of these moms?


The Que Sera Sera Mom

If you're the que sera sera mom, you may want to attempt to give birth without the epidural, or at least hold out as long as you can. Your preference may be to avoid intervention, but you plan to work closely with your doctor and if it seems like any interventions may be needed, you're open to giving them a try. You aren't sure what to expect as far as the pain, so you're open to the idea of an epidural if you need one. We will help you navigate each decision you make, to help you feel completely confident, and we'll support you physically and emotionally no matter how your birth story goes.


The Determined Mom

If you're the determined mom, you probably have a written birth plan and a definite idea of how you want things to go. You feel very strongly about avoiding an epidural and other interventions – or you may be planning to walk into the hospital backwards so they can give you an epidural a little faster, as the case may be. We will do everything within the scope of our practice to guide and support you in sticking to your goals and achieving them.


The High-Risk Mom

If you're the high-risk mom, you may be experiencing some complications during your pregnancy (or expecting to) which preclude you from choosing a home or birth center delivery, unmedicated delivery, or some other option. You may need to be induced early, or have a Cesarean section to birth your baby. We'll be by your side to support you through all the emotional ups and downs, and help you navigate any tough decisions that have to be made. If you have a Cesarean, we'll join you after surgery to help you have a smooth recovery.


Doulas of Central Maryland is proud to offer expert support for all moms, in all different types of birthing and parenting situations. Our clients know that they don't have to have a “certain birth” to work with us – they enjoy having us on the team to give them the support and encouragement they deserve, no matter the circumstances.