What Will a Postpartum Doula Do for Me?

You've heard of a postpartum doula - but what do they do and how do they benefit families? Find out what it would look like if a postpartum doula came to your house today.

Who is the Best OB-GYN in Central Maryland?

"I'm pregnant and I want the absolute best OB-GYN in central Maryland to catch my baby. Now, who are they?"

Looking for a Pediatrician?

Somewhere between choosing the safest and best car seat, the seemingly hundreds of OB/midwife appointments, and making sure your registry is up to date, you ALSO need to find time to interview and select a pediatrician to whom you will entrust the medical care of your baby FOREVER. Or at least through adolescence. 

How Does My Significant Other Benefit From a Doula?

Your spouse/partner is having a baby too! How can they benefit from the support of a doula during labor and delivery?

Sibling Transition Tips

Bringing a new baby into your family is a transition for everyone, but especially for the soon-to-be siblings.  Even the most excited and proud big brothers and sisters may not realize just how significantly their life is about to be altered. 

2016 Carroll Biz Challenge

Having grown up in Carroll County, I have always appreciated the small town feeling- from the local grocer knowing me by name (and subsequently recognizing that my oldest daughter looks just like I did at her age) to our favorite pizza place always asking how my sister is doing in New Mexico.